6 Annoying things websites need to STOP doing

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Growfox Team
A frustrated developer working

Dear fellow web developers and web owners. Please stop doing the following, and every internet user will thank you.

Annoying Websites Should Not Do The Following

Scroll Jacking

I like the speed my mouse scrolls at. I like being in control of scrolling, mostly because I generally…like being in control. Scroll jacking takes this away and dictates to me how to move through the page. It’s kind of like a driverless autonomous car in that the motion is out of your control.

Except that driverless cars are cool and provide obvious benefits whereas scroll jacking is just god-damn annoying.

Automatic Modals

The number of times I visit a mobile site and whilst browsing, a massive modal suddenly appears out of nowhere. Usually, it has a very tiny close button. And every time, I just click back and visit another site. Awkward.

This article complains about web issues too, including automatic modals. And then it gives you one. Ho-ho!

An image of an article relating to annoying websites

Content-interrupting advertising

Whilst reading an article the other day on my phone, the text suddenly started moving! An advert then slithered its way in between the two lines of text I was reading. I’m not totally against advertising and I accept it’s needed, but interrupting me whilst I am reading and actually moving the text that I’m reading is a step too far. It’s intrusive and ruins the enjoyment of your content. Just stop doing it

Disabling right-click or view source

People still do this? If only there was another way to access your code and content….oh yeah – dev tools. Awkward.

Seriously though – disabling right-click and/or view source isn’t going to stop anyone that wants to steal your content from doing so. You’d be best off just not putting on the open web anything you’re not comfortable with being grabbed and copied.

It also doesn’t acknowledge that right-click context menus have necessary purposes beyond copying, such as accessibility, printing, reloading and browser navigation.

Site Surveys

Not all are bad, but the ones that pop-up in your face and ask you to give your feedback on a site you have been browsing for 30 seconds. Yeah, those ones. They’re pretty damn annoying. They should go away.

Auto Playing Videos

Whilst browsing the internet for a Christmas present for my nephew, I visited a site that auto-played a video on every page, with sound. Needless to say, I got bored of it very quickly and took my business elsewhere. Again, it’s an issue of control, take the control out of the hands of your user and your website quickly becomes very annoying to use.