Is Instagram right for my business?

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Jonny Pathan

It’s not uncommon to hear the line “I don’t think Instagram is right for my business, my customers aren’t on there”

Instagram Logo

Think again…

image on instagram iconI can debunk that mentality with one link: – Here you have the world’s largest shipping company showing off their products and services beautifully without being ‘salesy’ what-so-ever. Not only that, they’re a social media monster, their Facebook account has 1.1 Million followers, their Twitter account, 121k. Perhaps a business most people think wouldn’t be associated with that type of approach.

Instagram images for Maersk shipping

Think indirectly

Now, we know that business won’t come through these channels, if it does, it won’t be a lot. That’s not why they use them though, it’s a long-term indirect approach that’s making them visible on the web. Utilising social media like this allows them to get their content shared a lot, this is good for Google rankings. Creating great content that people want to share is so important in digital marketing.

So what are you waiting for?