WATB wins Gold at the Surrey Digital Awards 2017

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Jonny Pathan

We’re over the moon to have won gold for Shippo at the Surrey Digital Awards for best B2B website. We also managed to bag a bronze on the night too for our own website!

Watb winning Gold Award 2017
Gold for Shippo

Working with Shippo was a breeze, a truly forward-thinking company who wanted to create something great in collaboration with us. That partnership and approach seems to have paid off. Here’s what Shippo had to say:

“Here at Shippo, we have one aim – to make importing as simple and stress-free as possible. As our customers’ first point of contact, we wanted our website to reflect and embody our values. To be tailored to our customer’s needs and brimming with useful, cutting edge features as well as easily navigated and simple to use.

We’ve had a sleek and easy-to-use new website made; invested in graphics and videos; worked hard to expand our blog . . . In the past year, we’ve made many upgrades to our content to try to provide more value for our customers. Among these is our website’s newest bespoke software – our free tracking portal.

Thanks to WATB Creative, our website is innovative and modern – something that is practically unheard of in the freight industry – and last Thursday all of our hard work was recognised.”

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved and we look forwards to working on more great projects in the future. We’re constantly trying to better ourselves and we always strive to be the best we can. Every client project we work on, large or small, is treated as if it was our own. Long may that continue!

View the website here: Shippo

Shippo Gold Award Tweet
Our team receive a Bronze Award
Bronze for WATB

Established in 2014, the Surrey Digital Awards is part of series of similar schemes looking to reward innovation and progressive thinking by businesses, individuals, events, charities or educational establishments. Our winners span several industries and range from individuals to national companies, but all have at the core of their entry a desire to use digital media as a means to achieve greater things for their business.

Our mission is not only to reward those businesses who have already taken significant strides forward, we’re also celebrating a huge pool of design and development ability and, most importantly, we’re showcasing what is possible for any business willing to take that step forward.”Surrey Digital Awards.

Some more pics from the night!

Surrey Digital Awards 2017
All the winners for Surrey Digital Awards 2017
Surrey Digital Awards 2017
Surrey Digital Awards 2017 Sponsors
Surrey Digital Awards for Shippo 2017