Stonor Park

Facebook advertising for the historic Stonor Park, Oxfordshire
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A thousand stories to tell

Home to the Stonor family for over 850 years, Stonor Park is one of the oldest family homes still lived in today - but it’s no museum. As the oldest member of the Stonor family, the house has a thousand stories to tell.

Historic house meets Facebook

Stonor Park asked us to advertise their amazing events on Facebook, from the amazing Supercar Sunday to the family-fun Medieval Jousting.

Targeting and ROI is key

Our primary focus has been on getting the events in front of the right audience. Using a combination of Facebooks native targeting options, Facebook's Pixel and Stonor's Landing pages, we've been able to create some very receptive audiences.

The transparency of Facebooks advertising platform is great for both parties, we're able to see the exact return on investment to the penny, and that makes Stonor's marketing team know exactly how we're performing.

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More to come

We continue to work with the Stonor team and look forward to further projects both online and offline.

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