10 Webflow Websites Using 2022's Predicted Colour Schemes

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Ellen Flannery

Wanting to be ahead of the curb? We have listed the top three colour trends predictably popular for websites in the coming year. Using examples of Webflow websites that are already utilising the pallets exceptionally well.

Muted earth tones

The all-natural colour scheme trend is everywhere now and isn't going anywhere is 2022. Usually used in a simplistic design, the muted tones give the sight a calming, natural impression.

Sam George

Beiges, browns and sandy colours are stylish this year in many areas, including websites. Check out this portfolios hero we see two-tones of brown for an on-trend statement.


Anchor Heart Films

The earthy tones married up with Anchor Heart films soft content makes a great fit for a website.


IBIZA 2021

Using a dark navy to replace common black, the feeling of the site relies on a more natural tone without losing punchiness.


Soft colours

Moving on from earthy colours but consistent with calming tones. The ‘soft’ scheme is another popular choice for websites this year and predictably the next.

Ivette Felix Uy

A peachy pink brings a playfulness to this site, whilst keeping all the other colours simple and muted, the overall feeling of the site is soft yet refreshing.


Virginia Rosa

Almost all the site follows two tones, red on pink, and although both colours are soft and the combination would have previously been frowned upon, it is very on trend and makes for a very interesting pallet.  


Candy Brittle

Once again, using a dark navy blue to replace common black, this ‘Candy brittle’ page has a uses an off white background but decorates itself with pastel heavy and vibrant images.


Zeitler + Design

A vibrant pastel blue on a cream background makes for a really interesting pallet, setting a soft, playful tone for the site.


Aurora Sustainability

This colourful site is avoiding black, and the result is a soft tone without losing punchiness.



A peculiar contrast of peach and white introduces a softness to the site, despite a heavy use of a darker green in other areas.


Bold and Vibrant

Now for a bigger leap; when the band waggon for muted tones gets too heavy, we are going to see a snap in the other direction. Bold, vibrant and eye-catching websites are just around the corner.

Panic Studio

Loud, colourful and wonderfully fun. This website is representing its personality through its exciting colours.


All Father

Full of personality, this sites colours and text is busy and eye-catching.  


The Pen Tool

Everything about the Pen tool website, shouts creativity. It's illustrations, playful text is the perfect fit for the bold colour trend.


Haigs Printing

This printing company cleverly uses the CMYK colour model as their colour scheme as a fun nod to their services.



Heavily using primary colours, the punchiness of this site gives nods to Mondrian painting colour scheme.