Setting your root domain as the default domain in Webflow

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Jonny Pathan

To redirect all traffic to your website to your root domain ( on SSL hosting, you'll need a DNS provider that allows you to point root domains to a CNAME or ANAME record.

Providers such as GoDaddy (which we're using) don't provide this service, so for this guide, I'm going to show you how to use Cloudfare to get your root domain working without the www. 


Step 1. Change your Nameservers

Head on over to and set yourself up an account. Once you've entered your domain name and some details, you'll be asked to choose a plan. The free plan works perfectly well for what we need.

Screenshot of cloudfare website plans page

You'll get a summary of your current DNS records for your domain, just check they're all good and proceed to the next screen.

This is were you'll see the new nameservers you'll want to use. Copy those and head over to your domain name provider to change your current nameservers.

screenshot of cloudfare website nameservers page

As we're using GoDaddy, it's pretty straight forwards. Also, Cloudfare have instructions for most providers if you get stuck. Just click the "I need help changing my nameservers"

screenshot of godaddy's dns management page

Once you're all done, Cloudfare will automatically check to see if the change has been made, if not it will check again in 24hrs until it recognises the update.

Step 2. Update your DNS settings

screenshot of cloudfares DNS page

Now it's time to update your DNS records. 

Within your Cloudfare Dashboard, you'll want to head over to the DNS tab. From here, you'll want to add two records.

This part is really important, be sure to switch the orange cloud under status to just DNS (greyed out). You must turn off the orange cloud for this to work!
gif of adding a dns record in cloudfare

Add a CNAME Record

  • Add a CNAME record
  • Set the host to @
  • Set the value to:

Add another CNAME record

  • Add a CNAME record
  • Set the host to www
  • Set the value to:

Sweet, all done. Now some final changes in your Webflow dashboard.

Step 3. Set the default domain

Now, go back to the custom domain section of your project’s Hosting tab and click the home icon next to the root domain to set it as the default domain (hover over the domain name to see the icon).

screenshot of webflow hosting dashboard

Step 4. Verify the domain and publish the site

To verify that your DNS settings are correct, and that your domain is correctly pointing to Webflow, click check status under each of your domain names.

screenshot of webflow publish dialog

The final step is to simply publish your website. You should see your new custom domain in the publish dialog.

It may take up to 48 hours before changes are successfully made from your DNS host.

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